The Zoidberg ranked 4th place and additionally was awarded by Proekspert with most elegant source code prize and Nibbler came 5th. Besides two multithreading race condition bugs which were fixed mid-competition the robots performed well and lost to the top 3 robots mainly because of the speed. Most of the development was done with motor speeds capped at 40% of the maximum speed and bumping up the speed at the last minute would have broken down the gameplay logic.

In total we had four robots competing in the Robotex football 1vs1 category. The two veteran robots Neve S and Dozer 2 gave a strong performance, but unfortunately didn’t make it in the top 5.


The source code of Zoidberg and Nibbler is available at GitHub. Robotics Club thanks Proekspert AS, Helmes AS, Icefire OÜ, Hecada OÜ, Club-Mate Eesti OÜ and Kamitra.