Robotex 2016 prep ›

There is 5 weeks to go until Robotex 2016 and we’ve got two robots more or less ready to go for software development. Nice job on the second bot Joosep & Daniel. We used eight PS3 eye cameras per robot with 3D printed mounts. Nice job Marek - the last one was pretty much perfectly aligned....

Proekspert is our sponsor for 2016/17 academic year ›

Contract with Proekspert for supporting our participation on Robotex 2016 and our activities for 2016/17 academic year was signed some time ago. Today they sent their promotional materials. Proekspert is the company that simplifies life through information technology and user-centric...

SumoCHIP PCB-s arrived ›

3 samples of SumoCHIP PCB-s manufactured at OSH Park arrived today! I guess there are still few upcoming changes for SumoCHIP PCB v1.2 to make the board a bit more extendible: expose touchscreen pins for analog distance sensors and I²C pins for ultrasonic sonars.

Sumokate ja Lapikutega Mustamäe Avatud Noortekeskuses ›

Kolmapäeval käisime uute sumorobotitega Mustamäe Avatud Noortekeskuses. Tänud TTÜ Tarkvaraarenduse Klubile kaasa löömise eest :)

SumoCHIP ready for production ›

No reason to wait more - we’re almost ready. The new ~30€ WiFi enabled sumorobot project we’ve worked on throughout the summer is available at GitHub. Assembly instructions online, build it yourself or get in touch for preorder. Anything from bare PCB to fully assembled robot available from Robot...